In seed testing, germination has been defined as "the emergence and development from the seed embryo of those essential structures which, for the kind of seed tested indicate its ability to develop into a normal plant under favorable conditions in Soil.

Quality Policy

We, at Ellora Natural Seeds Pvt Ltd, commit ourselves to good professional practices and testing services conforming to ISO/IC 17025: 2017 as well as to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

Personnel working in the Laboratory are aware of the requirements of this International Standard and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Management System. The personnel of the Laboratory work in an impartial manner - are competent for the consistent operation of Laboratory activities. This Quality Policy is available to all stakeholders and is communicated and displayed at all prominent locations of Laboratory premises.

Quality Objectives:

  • To achieve the highest Customer Satisfaction
  • To achieve errors free in all test reports issued to customers for the year - 2023
  • To achieve 100 % Dispatch, 100 % consistent goal of Lab. action for every Financial Year.
  • The following activities are covered in QA-Dept.

    • Seed Germination test
    • Seed Moisture test
    • GOT - Field basis
    • GOT- Molecular Basis
    • Compilation of data from Sr 01 to Sr 04

    We have the following valid certifications ...

  • ISO-9001-2015 is applicable for QA and R&D
  • NABL certification as per the Scope for Seed Germination and Seed Moisture parameter
    - In progress and will be completed in due course.