We have a fully equipped modern seed processing unit in Waluj, Aurangabad. This processing facility is registered with the State Seeds Certification Agency. Processing of seeds is done based on one or more differing physical characteristics of the seed (i.e.) seed size, length, weight, shape, surface texture, and color. In processing, the first phase consists of scalping, debearding, hulling, and shelling to make the seed flow readily through the grader and cleaner (conditioning and pre-cleaning).

Some of the main steps in the process include:

  • Seed Treatment to upgrade the overall seed Quality
  • Drying the seeds to safe moisture levels

  The second phase includes the removal of inert material, weed seeds, other crops and broken seeds that are larger or smaller than the crop seed.

In the final (separating and upgrading) phase, undesirable materials are separated from the seed.